Why would Geico have to pay $5.2 million to a Missouri woman?

Geico must pay $5.2 million to woman who got HPV from se* in man's insured car.

After she caught HPV from unprotected se* with her then-boyfriend in his insured automobile, a state appellate court ruled.

In an opinion published Tuesday, the Court of Appeals for the Western District of Missouri affirmed the multimillion-dollar payout against the insurance company.

Court papers state that he "engaged in unprotected sexual activity in the vehicle of the insured" in November and December 2017

After Geico turned down her claim, M.O. took the matter to an arbitrator, who found in her favor before a court affirmed the $5.2 million judgment, the appeals court said.

Geico appealed, claiming it never had a chance to contest the claim.

But GEICO did have the opportunity to participate and defend its interests — including the ability to challenge liability and damages.

By entering a defense of Insured," according to the appeals court opinion, which put the word "did" in bold italics.